Fun with Font

This post features Chipotle’s design. I tend to like the hand written font which is as interesting as an image and can even form to one.  It feels like my friend Marcella wrote this for me which in turn, makes Chipotle feel like a place of friends.


Good Design Made My Life Better

I realize I may be taking a risk talking about this, but I think it’s worth it. I promise I’m only going to talk about design.

The design is fun, feminine, modern, and makes me feel more comfortable about myself which is why I smile every time I open another package and why I feel inspired to make the mundane of the world something more exciting.

I adore Kotex’s new brand look. I use to think of Kotex as an old lady brand but with their new design, I don’t want to buy anything but Kotex. Finally something that I’m excited to get out of the box every month because of the colors and playfulness. I also appreciate the smallness of each package and the added education to each box. I think many girls and even women are embarrassed about the subject and therefore aren’t properly educated about their own selves. All in all, the design is a success in my book. I’m happy and so are they. So designers let’s keep making life a little better.

Who I am currently,

Hello world! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Sarah Boyd. After graduating Abilene Christian University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design, I’m ready to start my career as a designer!  I’m hungry to learn more about web design. I’ve taught myself a few things and you should check it out at My work has won plenty of awards. I’m not so bad to work with seeing as I like people and like interacting with them.

Hello world!

Fun facts about me:

1. I’ve only had one dog growing up and it was a black chow.

2. I’m a recent ACU Graphic Design Grad

3. I have set up my easel out in the Italian countryside and painted.

4. I’m awful with spelling and grammar. Usually I have someone check me, but I won’t for this blog. Please forgive me for my errors. If it’s too horrible, I’ll find resources to help me.

5. I want to dedicate most if not all of this blog to design and ideas in the arts.