Self-Promotionals Could Only Be For Yourself.


Inside of Emergency Designer Card

After graduating college with my BFA in Graphic Design, I had a leave behind booklet for interviews and a self-promotional item that got me an A in the portfolio class. However since college, I haven’t really used either concept and after talking to a few seasoned graphic designers and employers, I will leave those projects in my portfolio. When I asked employers, “What would you do with a self-promotional item?” Several said, “Truthfully, I would throw it away. I have no place for it and if I did, I would forget it was there. It’s much easier for me to bookmark a website or resume.” Some of us are pack rats and won’t throw away something cool or inspirational, but others have no problem clearing out the unused objects. So as you hunt for a job, look for ways to get your name on the web and in emails.


My two favorite resources for the web are (for easy creating of websites) and (for web help and inspiration).

To see some my web portfolio go to see other people’s creativity with portfolios try starting at


A Dozen Web Design Resources for Blogs and Portfolios.

I’ve absorbed some good web design recently. I found some  resources to share. If you want to start your own website but don’t want to start from scratch, I would suggest using cargo collective. If you want to start blogging, I would of course suggest Word Press. Both look great, are customizable, and have people willing to help you out 24-7.

Bellow are links to generate ideas for the look you may want.

6 Links to Browse what you like and take you several places.

6 Websites of my hand-picked favorites:

I like the color, texture and type. from

I like the textured type, but I'm not crazy about the motion. from

I can't help but smile every time I go to this website. The colors and logo make me feel good and vibrant. from

I like the use of bold type. from

The structure of this website is interesting as well as the colors, textures, and fonts. from

I enjoyed the type treatment as well as the personality. from